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Chapter 2

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Political Science

Chapter 2: History & Global Politics War & Peace An Introduction to the Role of History Study of history help us identify examples of continuity & change, & patterns of divergence & convergence States tend to have official versions of historical events; Groups of individuals have their own interpretation of history; Scholars of international relations have divergent views of historical events 3 key themes in the relationship between history & global politics: History is most often presented as the history of war & conflict and the rise & fall of civilizations, states, & empires Developments in history have had a defining impact on the development of theories of war & peace History reveals the importance of ideas as driving forces of change & conflict The Ancient Legacy: The Rise & Fall of Civilizations & Empires In the Middle East, civilization 2st developed around 3500 B.C.E., in basins of 3 great river systems City-states, empires, & civilizations developed complex instruments of diplomacy & trade; ALSO developed complex systems for waging war Civilization & war have symbiotic relationship Large-scale warfare can be conducted only by systems of government that possess organizational capacity to marshal surplus resources for war In ancient civilizations, revenues from tax & rents tended to go to war, worship, welfare Civilization in Mediterranean dominated by successive waves of Greek peoples, who established control over much of the religion Peloponnesian War regarded as important case study in global politics Philips son, Alexander the Great, conquered dominion that stretched from Macedon to Indus River, but empire collapsed after his death New power centre developed around Rome and soon expanded over entire Italian peninsula Roman Empire declined due to internal decay, civil war, and barbarian invasions In northern Europe, distinct cultural groups had developed by 800 B.C.E. th th Decline & fall of western Roman empire in 4 & 5 centuries exposed Europe to numerous invasions from nomadic peoples Aftermath of the fall of Rome, power in Europe devolved to local nobbles www.notesolution.com
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