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chapter on gender

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Kenneth Derry

GENDER notes Despite decades of debate about feminist and postfeminist theory and practice the study of religion culture and gender is still relatively new and innovative As Darlene Juschka 2001 1the male perspective and mens experiences are the central and most important point of referenceto education and career systems that favour mens working patterns to the writings and ideas of male academics on their view of what religion is and how it should be understoodexamples of the ways in which women have come off rather badly in religious culturesdenigration of women as daughters of Eve and progenitors of sin in many Christian traditions veiling and separation of women amongst Muslim culturesviolence against women in practices of femalegenital mutilation within the context of religious circumcision in North Afric notorious burning of widows at their husbands death satirel is is always profoundly oppressive and harmful to women Mary Dalywho argues that the concept of belief in a male deity leads to profound sexual inequalities We have to start by assuming that what goes for men is not the same as for women within a particular context and vice versa Elisabeth Schu ssler Fiorenza 1984 has argued that any study of religion should be based on a feminist hermeneuticsinterpretationof suspicion The interpretation of it its herm
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