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Bryms SOC 1e NoteTaking OutlineChapter 1A Sociological CompassNoteTaking OutlineI IntroductionWhy You Need a Compass for a New WorldIn the New World there is a need for harmony among humans and between humans and nature When controlling other cultures you increase the power and importance of your own culture New opportunities for spreading cultures The New World is one of virtually instant long distance communication global economies and cultures weakening nation states and technological advances Celebrate advances by women and racial minorities Migration establishes cooperation and conflict between separated groupsB This Chapters GoalsSociology is the systematic study of human behaviour in social context The causes of human behaviour lie partly in patterns of social structures that surround and permeate our lives Sociologists are often motivated to do research to improve peoples lives through scientific methods Sociologists have developed several theories to explain human behaviour To test their theories they use experiments surveys field work and analysis of existing data The founders of sociology examined massive social transformations caused by the Industrial revolution and suggested ways of overcoming social problems those transformations createdII The Sociological Perspective Sociology is the perspective on social events Suicide is a supreme antisocial act1 Almost everyone condemns it 2 Committed in private far from the public 3 Rarely done 11100000 people 4 When analyzing roots you study individual reasons to such an actBut sociology connects suicide to social structures that might encourage suicide in generalPage 1 of 13 Chapter 1 Bryms SOC 1e NoteTaking OutlineA The Sociological Explanation of SuicideEmile Durkheim shows suicide is strongly influenced by social forces It is more than an act of depression He thought it was due to psychological disorders but research shows that is not true He learned although women go through more psychological pressure than men men tend to suicide more than women Although Jews had a high psychological disorder rate they had the least suicide rate Therefore suicide rate not related to equal psychological disorder rateSuicide rate was related to social solidarityHigher social solidaritylower suicideLower social solidarityhigher suicideUnmarried adults suicide more than married adults because marriagesocial tie that inds the individual to societyWomen commit less suicide than males due to intimate social relations of family life Jews commit less suicide than Christians because persecution turned them to be more defensive and tight against societySeniors suicide more than teens because they interact less with society being single and aloneSuicide in Canada Today Low Social Solidarity results in high suicide rates among youths and young adultsLower engagement in spiritual activities or eventsIncrease in unemploymentRate of divorce increased children enjoy less frequent and intimate social interaction with familyC The Sociological ImaginationRelatively stable patterns of social relations are social structures Your level of social solidarity influence who you are Wright Mills created sociological imagination Sociologists are to identify and explain the connection between personal troubles and social structuresMicrostructure intimate interactionsMeso structure at organizational levelMacrostructure broad social issuesGlobal structure international organizationsD Origins of the Sociological ImaginationThe sociological imagination is only a few hundred years old Philosophers believed God and nature controlled society outline ideal society which was not based on evidence to how the world should beSociology was changed from three modern revolutionsPage 2 of 13 Chapter 1
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