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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Suzanne Casimiro

Chapter 2: Sociological Investigation (pg. 27-50) Basics of Sociological Investigation Two requirements of social investigations: apply the social perspective be curious and ask questions Science as One Form of Truth Two types of truths: o Belief Faith- saying that we know something, ex. Existence of God o Expert opinion-ex, parents consult their childrens pediatricians to seewhich practices are Right for their children o Simple agreement common sense- among ordinary people, ex. Littering is wrong o Science- logical system that bases knowledge on observations Based on empirical evidence- information we can verify with our senses Common Sense vs. Scientific Evidence Six statements that Canadians assume are true: 1. Poor people are more likely than rich people to break the law- Not true. 2. Canada is a middle-class society where people are more or less equal- Not true. 3. Poor people dont want to work-Not true. 4. Differences in the behavior of females and males are just human nature- not true 5. People change as they grow old, losing many interests as they focus on health- false 6. Most people marry because they are in love- not always. All of the above examples are of widely accepted truths, but they are not necessary correct Three ways to do Sociology Means to learn more about the social world Three ways to do research: Scientific sociology, Interpretive sociology, and critical sociology Scientific Sociology Positivist sociology: Study of society based on systematic observation of social behavior Gathering empirical evidence and facts we can verify by our senses Concept: mental construct that represents that some part of to the in simplified form Variable:concept whose value changes from caseto case Measurement: procedure for determining that values of a variable in specific case To assign social class, scientists usually look at income, occupation, and education www.notesolution.com
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