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Erik Schneiderhan

Nonviolent Force: A Spiritual Dilemma Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi (Pages 265-270)  Nonviolence (ahinsa)  Satyagraha (fighting for what is right)  Violence (hinsa)  Passage indicated Ghandi’s realization that nonviolence must resist with structural sources of violence  Immorality of war; participation in war could never be consistent with ahinsa  “Man cannot for a moment live without consciously or unconsciously committing outward hinsa” (Pg 266) o Very fact of his living involves some hinsa  “A votary of ahinsa therefore remains true to his faith if the spring of all his actions is compassion, if he shuns to the best of his ability the destruction of the tiniest creature, tries to save it, and thus continually strives to be free from the deadly coil of hinsa” (Page 266)  As long as one “continues to be a social being, he cannot but participate in the hinsa that the very existence of society involves” (pg 266)  “He who volunteers to serve a band of dacoits (robbers), by working as their carrier, or their watchman while they are about their business, or their nurse when they are wounded, is as much guilty of dacoity (robbing) as the dacoits themselves” (Page 266) Identity, Struggle, Contradiction Mao Tse-tung  Founding leader of Chinese Communist Party  All things in objective world and human thought formed and encouraged to move  Contradictory aspect cannot exist in isolation  Without the other aspect opposed to it, each aspect loses the condition of its existence(Pg267) o i.e. good has to exist in order for bad to exist  all opposite elements are life this; because o
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