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Chapter 1-5

SOC371H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Handcuffs, Jacques Lacan, Jaywalking

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Philip Goodman

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Down out and under arrest Forrest Stuart
Two major goals of the book are:
To highlight the goals of policing in the Skid Row neighbourhood of LA and how they have
changed since the beginning of Skid Row
To show how residents of Skid Row have adapted to the policing, how they have attempted to
avoid it while also avoiding the institutions of Skid Row
The first chapter shows how over time, Skid Row has changed from being mainly run by social welfare
orgaizatios Catholi Workers oalitio to priatized mega-shelters ko as the ig three. With
this, poliig styles shifted fro a rale aageet approah here polie ere ore ilied to
leave residents of Skid Row alone to a reoery aageet here polie ere ore ilied to get
highly involved in everyday, often trivial issues. The police started handing out citations for being idle or
sleeping on the sidewalks among other issues. If they suspected someone of something, they would not
hesitate to stop and search the person.
Stuart does a really effective job of conveying what it is like everyday for an officer in the area, and how
there are a wide variety of different opinions that each officer holds.
Enforcing rehabilitation Police would ask to see mega-shelter IDs and would use discretion in handing
out citations/making arrests.
oerie eeolee refers to the
While police believe in rehabilitation, the make it more difficult by:
1. Punishing long-term residence
2. 2. Enforcing perpetual movement
3. Constricting the availability of alternative resources
4. Selecting targets for intervention
In chapter 3, we meet Steel and the weight pile. They tend to try to stay away from the police and from
residents who can be considered targets for police. They will work out, take naps, watch movies and
even take alternative routes to reach their destinations (avoiding routes populated by drunks and drug
The police respond to this by claiming that the group is not actually as good as they seem. While they
are trying to force people into the institutions.
Steel and his group reinforce existing hierarchies by treating Skid Row much like a prison. In spending
most of their time either outside exercising or in their homes sleeping/in solidarity, they maintain the
imbalance of power that police have over the neighbourhood.
The vendors tend to police the homeless and drunken residents on the sidewalks by demanding that
they leave the front of their tables. In their own best interest, they remove these people so that their
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