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Chapter 1-12

POL200Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-12: Leviathan

Political Science
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Clifford Orwin

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Picture on Title Page:
Individual leader is the people
Images of spiritual power
o Power of the church
Dedicatory Letter:
Purpose of the geese metaphor:
o Simple and impartial creatures
o Did not save people in power because they care
Hobbes is going to defend whoever is in power
o Will defend the office of the sovereign
Creation of leviathan
o Meant to be the commonwealth
o Created by people
o We can improve on nature through our art
Things we want are objects of our passions
o If we want to understand ourselves, we must understand our passions
The Senses:
Why does Hobbes speak on this?
o How we interact with the world
Prison house of senses:
o Trapped in our bodies, senses give off the only truth that we know
o Can senses deceive us?
o Images that may not be there seem real
Speech is the way we keep track of the effects we have seen
o Words are just naming we have agreed on for things
Difference between man and beast:
o An animal can experience something and make connections
o Humans can figure out the cause and what else you can do with this cause
Getting what you want
Power is better than wealth
What should we be using this power for?
o To meet our desires
What happens when this is met?
Able to meet new desires
New power for new desires
o Leads to nothing
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