PSY270H1 Chapter 3: Ch3 Textbook Notes

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13 Jan 2012
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PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
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Perception, experiences resulting from stimulation of the senses. When you look at an object, neurons in the visual cortex that respond to specific orientations fire to features of the object. We perceive objects by perceiving elementary features called geons. Geons are perceptual blocks that can be combined to create objects. We can recognize an object even if we are able to perceive just a few of its geons. We can perceive objects even if portions of the geons are obscured, if we can recover. See an object s geons, we can identify the object. Top-down processing, processing that begins with a person s prior knowledge or expectations. The blob is perceived as different objects depending on its orientation and the context within which it is seen. We perceive it as different objects because of our knowledge of the kinds of objects that are likely to be found in different types of scenes.