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Statistical Sciences
Augustin Vukov

Chapter 5 Boxplots and 5-Number Summaries: Once we have a 5-number summary of a (quantitative) variable, we can display that information in a boxplot. 1. Draw a single vertical axis spanning the extent of the data. Draw short horizontal lines that are lower and upper quartiles and at the medium, then connect them with vertical lines to form a box. 2. We erect “fences” around the main part of the data. We place the upper fence 1.5 IQRs above the upper quartile. We place the lower fence 1.5 IQRs below the lower quartile.  The fences are just for construction and are not part of the display. We show the, with dotted lines. Don’t include it in your boxplot. 3. We use the fences to grow “whiskers”. Draw lines from the ends of the box up and down to the most extreme data values found within the fences. If a data value falls outside one of the fences, we do not connect if with a whisker. 4. We display any data values lying beyond the fences with special symbols. (We sometimes use a differe
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