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Anthropology 100 Textbook Notes Chapter 1 – What isAnthropology? What isAnthropology − anthropologists want to learn about as many different human ways of life as they can − defined as the study of human nature, human society and the human past − aims to describe in the broadest possible sense what it means to be human − emphasizes the ways that all these aspects of life intersect with one another in complex ways − anthropology is a discipline interested in comparison − also field-based discipline as data colection is on sites − evolution is the core of the anthropological perspective − biological evolution documents change over time in the life processes of human beings − cultural evolution concerns change over time in learned beliefs and behaviors The Concept of Culture − emergence of culture had largest impact on human nature − defined as sets of learned behaviors and ideas that human beings acquire as members of society − the concept of culture is central to explanations of why human beings are what they are − anthropologists emphasize human beings are biocultural organisms − this means our brain and nervous system is the outcome of developmental processes to which out genes and cellular chemistry contribute − survival as biological organisms depends upon learned ways of thinking and acting The Cross-Disciplinary Discipline BiologicalAnthropology − Johann Blumenbach often called the father of physical anthropology − today biological anth no longer focuses on classifying people into races and instead pays attention to patterns of variation within the human species as a whole − some iological anthroplogists work in fields of primatology, paleoanthropology and human skeletal biology CulturalAnthropology − sometimes called “sociocultural anthropology”, “social anthropology” or “ethnology” − tend to specialize is one domain of human cultur
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