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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 3400E
Chris Piper

1 Slavery: 1. When they are used as sexual objects, how are slaves characterized in our sources? (Photis is willing; Cypassis is not. But mostly the slaves’ feelings are not consulted) 2. Why might a master/mistress choose to sleep with a slave (other than physical desire?) for children: see Martial Epigs. 3. Was censure directed at this practice harsher for women or men? Women: note Cod. Iust. 4. Why were gladiators considered attractive? The state of slavery is characterized by the availability of the body for corporeal assault (citizens were supposed to be inviolate). The inability to defend one's body against pestering, beating, penetration is slave-like and powerless. Masters and Slaves It is assumed by our sources that a master (not necessarily the mistress) would make sexual use of his slaves, male and female (and with boys of course the master was supposed to play the insertive role— but not everybody always followed this rule). Reason for buying a slave could always be primarily sexual (and many prostitutes were slaves). Martial is an invaluable source for slave-free sexual relations because he assumes the fact that slaves of both sexes and all ages were objects of casual sexu
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