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Psych 2070 Social Psych Ch 3

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Psychology 2070A/B

[US _U [[Y S\`W^ŷ[US[YZ`[Z ZZYT[a` W[\W S`WY[^S`[Z ` W\^[UW__[X^WU[YZZYVWZ`XZY_[W` ZY[_`TS_U\^[UW__cWa_W`[ aZVW^_`SZV_`^aU`a^W[a^c[^V [US U[YZ`[Z _`aV[X [cZX[ST[a`\W[\W_\^[UW__WV_`[^WV O c[TS_U[`bW_` S`aZVW^W aSZZX[^S`[Z\^[UW__ZY 4 W^UWbW` Wc[^VSUUa^S`W 4 Wc` W_WX\[_`bW [c[W_`W ZV[^ UWS_ Wa VZY [U_[X`W ZV O ZVW^_`SZVZY` W` W[^W`USWWWZ`_[X` WZV O UWS_ WZ`S^W\^W_WZ`S`[Z[X[T WU`_ÈUS`WY[^W_c U U[Z`SZ` WUWZ`^SXWS`a^W_[X` W [T WU`[^US`WY[^S_cWS_S__a\`[Z_ST[a` [c` W[T WU`[^US`WY[^c[^_ O W S`[ZS _UWS_ \WUXU_U WS_X[^_\WUXUZ`W^\W^_[ZSZ`W^SU`[Z_ O WS`a^W_[X[T WU`_U[\S^W`[XWS`a^W_[X_U WS`[VW`W^ZWS`U ÊZ_`SZ`WXX[^`W__ O [ZUW\`_U[Z`SZ\^ZU\SXWS`a^W_[X` W[T WU`ÈUS`WY[^"_\WS__a\`[Z_È#` W[^W_# ST[a` [c` W[T WU`ÈUS`WY[^XaZU`[Z_ S`WY[^S`[Z O S_UXaZU`[Z[X_U WS__`[US`WY[^W[T WU`_ZcS_` S`\[_WWSZZY\^WVU`ST` O ÑVWZ`X[T WU`` WZTW SbWWXXWU`bW`[` O S`WY[^WVS__aW` S``\[__W__W_U S^SU`W^_`U_[X` W_U WSSZ[`\W^UWbWV^WU` O ÑZXW^^ZYTS_WV[ZUS`WY[^S`[Z O WUW__S^`[S[ca_`[X[^\^W__[Z_SWVWU_[Z_]aUWXXUWZ` O SZSWXSa`S__a\`[Z_T[a`[T WU`_TS_WV[Z_U WS_ W WU`bWZX[^S`[ZS ^[UW__ZY O U WS_ZXaWZUW [cZX[_\^[UW__WVZXaWZUWc S`_Z[`UWVST[a`[T WU` O U WS_ZXaWZUWZ`W^\^W`S`[Z[XZX[^S`[Z O WSVa_`[S__aW` S`[T WU`\[__W__W_\S^`UaS^U S^SU`W^_`U_SZVSZ` ZY` S`bSYaW \W_` [_WU S^SU`W^_`U_STW`SWZS_WbVWZUW` S`[a^S__a\`[ZXSUUa^S`W O Z` ZY` S`[Tb[a_U[Z`^SVU`_[a^W%\WU`SZUW_cY^ST[a^S``WZ`[Z O ZW%\WU`WVSU`[Z_S^[a_W[a^Ua^[_`WSV`[S``W\`_`[aZVW^_`SZVc ` W[T WU`_ W% T`ZYU S^SU`W^_`U_` S`S^WZU[Z__`WZ`cÈUS`WY[^ aZU`[Z[^[Z_W]aWZUW W_U^\`[Z aZU`[ZS`WY[^S`[Z ÑVWZ`X` W[T WU` aZU`[ZÑZX[&SZ __aW` S`[T WU`\^[TST\[__W_` W`\US U S^SU`W^_`U_[X` W_U WS aZU`[ZS\VWXXUWZ`VWU_[Z_ SZVWUVW]aU [c`[TW SbW`[cS^VSZ[T WU` [Z_W]aWZUWWWU`bWS``WZ`[Z [^WW`[Z[`UWZX[` S`_U[Z__`WZ`cÈ_U WS)[^` S` [Tb[a_U[Z`^SVU`_`* [US _U [[Y S\`W^ŷ[US[YZ`[Z ZZYT[a` W[\W [Z_W]aWZUWWWU`bWZ`W^\^W`S`[Z W`[Z`W^\^W`STYa[a_ZX[S_U[Z__`WZ`cÈ_U WS UUW__T `$ S`%_[Z$[a^ ZV O Ô WZ_U WS_SU`bS`WVW%\WU`SZUW_S^W\^[bVWVST[a`[T WU`_\^[TSTU S^SU`W^_`U_ ZXaWZUW_` W\^[UW__ZY[XZX[ST[a`` W[T WU` O c[ZVbVaS_USZUS`WY[^WVXXW^WZ` O [W`W__U WS_V^WU`SU`bS`WVTZX[^S`[Z O U WScTWSU`bS`WVc WZ` W[T WU`_XWS`a^W_S`U ` WXWS`a^W[X` W_U WS O UUW__T `$ ` WWS_Wc` c U S_U WSU[W_`[ScS^WZW__ ^ZY[XUWS_ \^[UW__Tc U ` WSU`bS`[Z[XS_U WSZU^WS_W_` WW [[V` S`` W _U WScTWSU`bS`WVSYSZZ` WXa`a^W ^[ZUUUW__T `$[XUWS_ ` WVWY^WW`[c U _U WS_S^WWS_SU`bS`WVX[^SZZVbVaS SU^[__`W_`aS`[Z_)^WWTW^ZYVW_U^TZY* a `a^WXXW^WZUW_ZUUW__T WUWS_ O ÔW_`W^Z_[USS`[ZZVbVaS`X^WWV[ZVW\WZVWZUW)U[\W``bWZW__* O S_`W^Z_[USS`[Z S^[Z[TWVWZUWZ`W^XW^WZUW)Y^[a\_W* O ÑZVW\WZVWZUW+Z`W^VW\WZVWZUW)ZVbVaS_+U[WU`b_*VXXW^WZ`\W^UW\`[Z_ `W^W[`$\W_ UWS_Z`W[US [SZ O `W^W[`$\W _W`[XU S^SU`W^_`U_` S`_[W[ZWS__[US`W_cÈWTW^_[XSY^[a\ O [YZ`bW_`^aU`a^WZVbVaS_TWWX_` S`WTW^_[XSY^[a\_ S^W\S^`UaS^S``^Ta`W_ O \W[X_U WS` S`^W\^W_WZ` aSZY^[a\__[US\W^UW\`[ZYaVW[a^\W^UW\`[Z_ \^W__[Z_[XWbW^[ZW)WXWU`[Z[XUS`WY[^S`[ZZXW^WZUW_) O ZY^[a\ Y^[a\`[c U S\W^UWbW^TW[ZY_ O a`Y^[a\ Y^[a\`[c U S\W^UWbW^V[W_Z,`TW[ZY`[ O `W^W[`\W_[XZY^[a\_S^WXSb[^STWc W[a`Y^[a\_USZ_[W`W_TWaZXSb[^STW O W^UWbW^_a_W\W^UW\`[Z_[XZY^[a\S_\U`_`SZVS^V_[XU[\S^_[Z`[ aVYW[a`Y^[a\_ O `W^W[`\W_a_aSZUaVWZX[ST[a` [caU bS^ST`W%_`_Z` WY^[a\ O a`Y^[a\[[YWZW`$WXXWU` W%SYYW^S`[Z[X_S^`c` ZY^[a\_`[c U cWV[Z,` TW[ZY O `W^W[`\W_USZYaVW[a^S``WZ`[Z+Z`W^\^W`S`[Z[XSTYa[a_TW Sb[a^ O )-SZZS bW_Z^aZV[cZÊ_`a\VbW_Z^U Ê_S^`* a`[S`Ub_&[Z`^[ WV ^[UW__W_ O a`[S`U\^[UW__ aVYWZ`[^` [aY `` S`cWUSZ,`U[Z`^[c U [UUa^_c` [a`Z`WZ`[Z bW^WXXUWZ`SZV_[W`W_TWZWS` [a^ScS^WZW__ 4 SZ,``a^Z[ZÈ[XX_\[Z`SZW[a_Z[Z`WZ`[ZSU[Z`^[WXXUWZ` 4 S`WY[^S`[Z)USZ,`_`[\ÈZ T`^WWbSZ`_`W^W[`\W_WbWZX` W^W WU`` WbSV`* 4 \W[T_W^bS`[Z[XSZSU`[ZSTWSU`[ZSa`[S`UScÈ`^S`ZXW^WZUW_ O [Z`^[ WV ^[UW__ aVYWZ`[^` [aY `` S`cWU[SZVc U _Z`WZ`[ZS^W]a^WV _YZXUSZ`U[YZ`bW^W_[a^UW_SZV[UUa^_c` Z[a^ScS^WZW__)USZ`a^Z[ZÈ[XX* [US _U [[Y S\`W^ŷ[US[YZ`[Z ZZYT[a` W[\W 4 ÑZ`S`WX[Ua_U[^^WU`W^^[^_X^[Sa`[S`U\^[UW__W_XcW_a_\WU`` S`W^^[^_ SbW [UUa^^WV WU[Z_`^aU`bW W[^$ O W`^WbS[UUa^_Ta_ZY_U WS_`[_WS^U W[^` ZST[a`_U WS^WS`WV`[W[^ Y[SSU`bS`ZY^WS`WV_U WS_SU`bS`W_` WZX[ZWWVWV)U[ZU^W`W[T WU`bWZX[* 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