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ANTH 4220 Chapter Notes -Metonymy, National Technical Research Organisation

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Metonymy in Rules of Engagement
Primary Sources
- metonymy within Rules interpreted as both rules in love and war
- term for codes of any specific military venture
- engagement with other people/relationships
- love and war collide together
- present absences (Neil, Evan, duel)
Secondary Sources
-!!!!!!!!! duel might seem unrealistic, but it is the perfect fusion of love and
violence, a ritualized violence with its own rules that only provide the illusion of
-!!!!!!!!! Bush uses Basra, a Somalian refugee whom Amir helps smuggle into
Canada, to parallel Arcadia’s own flight from violence. Basra is the anchor to
real violence, perhaps a subtle reminder that there can be much more at stake
than a broken heart.
Works cited: http://kirbc.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/the-rules-of-engagement-
-!!!!!!!!! as the book progresses, we see the many ways in which her work
affects and is affected by her own experience with battle, however small. She
thinks day in and day out about the causes of war, the role of allegiance and
intervention, the element of self-interest in any act of generosity
-!!!!!!!!! We see that consideration of war does not involve righteousness, or
valour, or bravery, but tactics, and theoretical motivations, and sanctioned
Works cited: http://www.yale.edu/yrb/summer01/review06.htm
-!!!!!!!!! Terms like “intervention,” “conflict,” “engagement,” and “minefields” drip
with delicious ambiguity when the woman who uses them with such scientific
precision bleeds them within, as her “interior war” of lost love and failed
intimacy rages on.
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