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Chapter 11

CRIM 3657 Chapter 11: CH 11 Youth Voices

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CRIM 3657
Zachary Levinsky

Chapter 11 : Youth Voices Summary While much attention has been paid to responding to the problem of youth crime, less emphasis has been given to relating to the youth involved in crime. Other words: voies of youth are largely silenced in societal discourse (youth are objects not subjects.) Innovative youthful initatives are challenging the historical sielcen of youthful voices. The extent to which adult society and those wit the power to make change will take their claims seriously is another issue Youthcenterted innovations begin from the premise that young people and criminzlid youth in particular, have experiences that position them well to play a central role in responding to the problem they face in their lives Many youth are disconnected from their communities and caring adults. As such, building meaningful social relationships, and engaging youth in their communities are important strategies in responding to youth crime Respect means to approach the other as a valued member of society. Deserving of recognition, dignity, and compassion. Respect for the other is where social justice beings. Just listen to me and the YRAP are two exlemptaroy youthinspired innovations because they represeant real, meaningful, youth engagement aimed at dealing with systemic issues related to youth, crime and society. Attention paid to responding to problem of youth crime and less interest in relating to youth involved in crime Voices of youth missing from professional, academic, public, and media discourses Criminalized youth have become the other; still deserve to be respected, love and cared for Strong sense of people in power (experts and professionals) not understanding the real issues of youth crime Youth have historically been the subjects of processes that directly affect their lives (i.e. YCJS) but not the authors Youth Voices Western discourses with respect to family, school and civil society constitutes children as unique; so different from adults that their otherness justifies their absence from decisionmaking in institutional arrangements Moral panic around youth violence and youth crime fuelled by what Schissel calls pastime of blaming children Just Listen To Me Starting point of roundtable was firsthand experiences with violence Themes that were evident in the discussion: o Violence is everywhere o Violence has many faces (intent to harm or gain power) o Certain groups seen as more violent than others o Broken parenting can result in violence o Substance abuse is connected to violence
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