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Chapter 5

EN 2220 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Thesis Statement

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Andrea Medovarski

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Thursday, October 25th, 2018
Tutorial 5:
Modernism in Canada:
It is a transatlantic phenomenon which is US and Europe (UK and France) a lot of
aspiration rhetoric. It was an international movement but when you put pressure on
what nations were a part of it but in its conception and key players in its early days
which is US, UK and France: London, Paris and New York. Paris is cheap and bombed
out and conceptualizing these arguments.
The impact of modernism that spread beyond that: group of scholars editing
modernism in Canada and their goal was that there was a specifically modernist
Canadian movement and they edited them and got them back. There is this
movement right now trying to recuperate and there were fiction writers who
engaged in modern writings as well. Not a lot of people are talking about Canadian
modernism. It wasn’t a part of the bigger conversation.
The function of nationalism within modernism: the first world war was this huge
failure, look at all these independent nations and one little fight dragged everyone in
after this small spark and nationalism took a major hit because empires were
collapsing. Problems of nationalism occurred after first world war. But in Canada we
had no problems. We were able to fight in the war in Vimy Ridge as a nation:
Do not describe method. It is not sufficient to say that you are comparing. The thesis
statement is the product of that debate.
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