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William Craig Wicken

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1) Introduction: Stemming the flood of defectiveAliens ByAngus McLaren 2) Outline: 1896-1914 there was a great influx of immigration – three million immigrants came to Canada 1900’s-1920’s- the government began instilling an ideology of Canadianization 3) The article discusses eugenics, many Canadian born anglo-saxons saw themselves as the “superior race” and believed at the time that science could justify racism against immigrants. Thus, English Canadians welcomed immigrants according to their origins, as British and Americans were considered most desirable. TheAsians and Blacks were considered of the least desirable of immigrants. The Eugenics movement tried to separate their people from simple minded nationalists. They claimed that their was no prejudice or personal bias, but sophisticated scientifically informed analyses of the worth of immigrants. “Eugenic arguments provided apparently new, objective scientific justifications for old, deep- seated racial and class assumptions” This use of “science” was used to mask their racism and did not see themselves as nativists. The ImmigrationAct- prohibited the entry of people that fell in one of three categories; the mentally defective which included idiots, imbecil
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