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Chapter 10

NATS 1840 Chapter 10: 10.2-Population Age Structure

Natural Science
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NATS 1840
Carl Wolfe

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Age Structure Diagrams:
Pre Reproductive: ages 0-14
Reproductive: (15-44)
Postreproudctive: (45 and up)
4 types:
- Rapid growth
- Slow Growth
- Zero Growth
- Negative Growth
The number of people under the age of
15 are major factors in determining a
country's future.
Changes in the distribution of a country’s age group have long lasting economic and social
impacts. (e.g baby boomers)
Rapid population decline as a result of more older people and fewer young people can lead to
long-lasting economic and social problems.
- Rise in older people who consume large portions of medical care, government pension
funds, that are funded by a decreasing number of taxpayers.
- Could face labu shortage
Large number of deaths from AIDS disrupt a countries social and economic structure by
removing many young adults from its age structure.
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