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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 research methods.docx

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

Pearsons r is calculated for data measuring on __________ - either an interval or a ratio scale __________is when only a narrow range of scores are used for one or both variables which can decrease the correlation - restricting the range Making predicitons on the basis of correlational research is referred to as - regression analysis A _______________provides the best possible way of summarizing the points on the scatterplot - regression line In the regression equation ______is referred to as the critierion variable and _________as the predictor variable - Y; X The ________the correlation the closer the points on the scatterplot will be - higher casual relation that could occur in either direction is known as - directionality problem ___________investigates correlations between variables at several points in time and increases ones confidence about directionality - cross lagged panel correlation _______attempts to control for third variables - partial correlation __________involves taking the items that make up a particular subtest divide them in half and correlating the two halves - split half reliability ____________is the relationship between two separate administrations of the test - test retest reliability _____________is the ability of the test to predict some future event and is determined by correlating scores on the test in question with scores on some criterion
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