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Abnormal Psych Ch 3

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Ch 3 The research endeavor Both the Amish in pennsylvania and mennonite children in waterloo opened up their private lives to researcher which allowed them to find out many things about mental disorders ie the amish should a lot of signs of depression and mania Research in psychopathology is difficult at times since it is hard to convince people to participate Measuring ones psychopathology is hard as well since it is not something that can be seen so we have to rely on selfreports and observations sometimesFinally it is hard to study psychopathology since abnormalities usually arise from multiple causes can be bio psycho or social reasons and it takes numerous partial studies to determine the exact cause of an abnormality Multimethod approach using a variety of methods to create evidence of abnormalities 31 the scientific method steps Defining the problem and stating the hypothesis Hypothesis a testable statement to what we predict will happen in the study If we use different methodologies to get results to support our hypothesis it would be more accurate than just using one method Null hypothesis there is no rs bw what is being tested results will more likely support this then our original hypothesis bc the design of the study may not be goodChoosing and implementing a research method Variable factor or characteristic that varies bw ppl sex attitude towards you mom hormone levels ethnicityOperationalization the way a research manipulatesmeasures variables in a study this changes based on the way something is defined ie Measuring stress can be done by measuring stress of certain events or ppls stress rxns 32 case studies
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