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Chapter 9

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York University
PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Psychology for Women Chapter 9  Background on women sexuality: o Much more than a biological phenomenon o Theoretical perspectives”:  Often limited to certain views of topics  Pay little attentions to female sexuality  Consider men’s sexuality normative; andocentric  Heterosexist biases toward women’s sexuality; assumed to be a man whose has sex with  Sexual experiences often viewed from a purely biological basis; and all are universal  Essentialism:  Gender is a basic stable trait that resides in person; all share same  Ignore social and pop culture which is so important to sexuality  Social constructionist:  Create sexuality from other and society beliefs  I.e. women’s sexual desires are unspoken of  Our culture even construct the vocab of sexuality  I.e. sex is not oral also o Female sexual anatomy:  Labia fold inward; big lips  Mons pubis is the fatty tissue in front of pubic region  Clitoral hood cover clit  Sensitive organs plays roles in orgasm  High nerve endings; only for sex enjoyment  Vagina is the flexible where penis goes; birth  Urethral opening to urinate o Sexual responses:  Emotions and thoughts are vital  General phases:  4 stages by masters n Johnson  1. Excitement phase-touching and erotic thoughts; blood rush  2. Vasocongestion- swelling from blood rush; moisture and enlargement of clit  3. Plateau phase- clit shortens and draws buck under hood; extreme sensitivity; hood now stimulates the clit  4. Orgasmic- uterus and outer vagina contract at interval a second a part  3-10 rapid contractions during orgasm  5. Resolution- return to normal states; 30 mins or more; may have more orgasm before  Cuddles, self disclosing, gazing is highly part of the sexuality  Gender comparisons:  Reasonably similar results among both sexes  Both experience psychologically similar phase and responses to orgasm  Women do not consider faster better o Sexual desire:  A general feeling of need to engage in acts and sexuality  Variety of sex hormones associated with them  Social and cultural factors are similarly important  In most NA teenager are’ supposed to not feel desire’’  Larger difference than other factors  Men think abt sex more frequently ; want sexual activates more frequently; imitate more frequently; interested in activates without romance; greater number of partners  Explanations  Women cannot readily see sexual organs like men can  Women more concerned abt pregnancy  In future may focus on quality of sexual desire rather than strength of the desire  Some women may be higher in sex desire  Sexual attitude and behaviour: o Attitudes abt female and male sexuality  Most believe non marital sex is okay  12-29 % in Ca/US...5%germany Sweden, 60% Philippines show that marriage is prerequisite for sex  In NA men have more permissive attitudes toward sex than women; premarital sex too  Sexual double standards:  60’s: Premarital was inappropriate for women; appropriate for men  Still portrayed in media  In real life it is less standard  No evidence for a modern sexual double standard; in other cultures may still exist o Sexual scripts:  Describes social norms for sexual behaviour which we learn by growing up in a culture  Today’s is that men intimate sexual relationships; women comply or resist  Men’s erotic schedule regulates sex  Women in egalitarian and women simply not complying to sex  Males may use coercion and threats including even rape o oo Sex education:  Parents:  Young women more likely to hear from mom than fathers  Parent don’t talk about pleasure in sex  Latinas and Asian report that sex is forbidden topic of discussion  Blacks are more comfortable in discussing  School  Focus on reproduction only; don’t hear about emotions+sex  Really ever hear abt gay and lesbian relations  Little impact on their sexual behaviour  Now use ‘just say no ‘approach o Misinformed; diseases  New programs include emotions, attitudes, and feelings  How to use condoms  Parents say should use comprehensive way  Media  Many report from TV and mags; major misinformation  Most media searches are on magazines; tend to describe sexual scripts  See about 2000 sexual acts on media  Ppl are seeing no consequences of the sex positive or negative  Report cant fir perfect fit by media  Latinas were highest in not living up to NA  Suggest innocence and suggestiveness; mixed sexual images; confusing  Sexual behaviour in adolescents:  Adol females are more likely to have early sex after if puberty before others  Low self esteem, academic performance, parent-child relationship/communication, exposure to explicit media, alcohol and drugs  Ethnicity: blacks likely before most NA; Asians least likely; immigrant less  Peer pressure encourages; risk pregnancy; disease; many variables play  Sexual decision is critical in determining ones values  Many hated their first experience; 10% forced; painful; some have it good  Learn about in less than ideal way  Sexual behaviour in adults:  20 %men reported 20 partners in life vs. 3% women  Men probably over report; women underreport  Men masturbate more; women less; desire a reason o o Communication  Not only parents; couples too try nonverbal way;  Women more likely verbal; yet suppress it  Men may not understand the messages  Women’s assertiveness  Sexual disclosure  More self disclosure; more satisfied; good comms=good marriage o Lesbians:  Value nongential actions; less active  More likely to experience orgasm  More kissing caressing to  Public areas of affection for them is tough o Older women  Estrogens drops, less moisture, more elastic  No research see that drop in levels=less desire 
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