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SOSC 4510 Chapter --: Seminar 3 - Sept 24

Social Science
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SOSC 4510
Elleni Zeleke

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Seminar 3: Sept 24
Barber: The World of Creolization pg 12-18
-third world cultures have been radically changed and more than ever they must be seen as
involved in and intercontinental traffic in meaning
-a macro anthropology of culture is apparently required to provide us with an improved overall
understanding of how ideas and their public manifestations are organized in those social
structures of considerable scale and complexity which now encompass third world live just as
certainly as they encompass our own
-countries like nigeria are the result of the expansion of the present world system into non
western, non northern areas and they have developed cumulatively through interaction within
the world system, in its political and economic as well as culture dimensions
-creation of state tends to some degree be self fulfilling prophecy of the development of a
-considerable number of anthropologists have indeed become preoccupied with the fact that
many people in Africa ,Asia, Oceana and South America are not hunters and gathers or
swidden cultivators but work on plantations or in mines or micro electronic assembly class
-There has been more of an economic and political apology here than in an apology structures
of meaning
-Meanwhile many of the end apologist concerned with ideas and symbols call mobile culture in
the stricter sense of the term, have tended to retreat deeper into the hinterland, to the villages
into the forest dwellers
-Their anthropology is sharply defined as the study of the other, An other as different as
possible from a modern, urban, postindustrial capitalist self
-Nigeria comes across as an artifact of British colonialism homo with inevitable complex
among us heterogenerous population where there is no cultural homogeneity, No shared
indigenous language and no such thing as a Nigerian culture to study
-The entire process was did you to historical terms where the president is also part of history
-They have become more nation like an at least some of the very currents of meaning flowing
through their social structures and Harley insignificant ones can now will be described as
national rather than local regional or ethnic and their circumscription
-Asians, Africans, Latin Americans and West Indians in Europe and North America are usually
considered in social science research only as immigrants to the metropoles
-Simultaneously however the form extensions of their home societies in which they often
remain active members
-A people of different communities and regions become more entangled with one another what
reprieve you seem more self-contained cultures increasingly into subcultures within the
national culture and the national culture this much more than a mosaic of subcultures for the
flow meaning in the construction of perspectives within it organize themselves in such a way
as to create much cross cutting and overlap between clusters of meeting
-If the standard Comedy official prayer language of the meterpolis at one end of the creole
continuum of language Metropolitan culture and some prestige very occupied with
corresponding on the cultural spectrum
-The cultural apparatus encompasses formal education, the mass media, arts, Spectator
sports, organized religion and a large part of secular ritual life
-Education is cultural process, an organized way of giving individuals cultural shape
-The emphasis on ethnicity and analyzing Nigeria national Society contains no more than half
the story. Contests may repeatedly be defined in ethnic terms; but the prizes are defined in
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terms of the new, world system oriented national culture and the social structure predicated
on it
-Education becomes a key factor inserting people into the division of labor in determining their
life situations and thereby both directly or indirectly their perspectives
-At one end of the national cultural spectrum we thus usually find people with a greater degree
of formal education, which is also probably serve them as a passport to social power material
-Further along the spectrum other groups and subcultures coming into being, again to a
greater or lesser extent on the basis of shared levels of educational Capital
-In Nigeria come popular culture appears above all to be a manifestation the metropolitans
oriented sophistication and modernity, contrasting not so much with high culture as with Bush,
the derogatory term for anything breakfast at least by implication connected with the idiocy of
rural life
Barber: Popular Culture in Africa pg 18-28
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find more resources at oneclass.com
-one effect of specialization in the fields of African studies husband to prevent or hinder the
study of subjects which, by their very nature, demand interdisciplinary interest and
-Popular culture suggest contemporary cultural expressions carried by the masses in contrast
with those modern elitist and traditional tribal culture; email to historical conditions
characterized by mass communication, Mass production and mass participation; It implies the
challenge to excepting beliefs in the superiority of pure or high culture but also to the notion of
folklore categorization we have come to suspect is being equally elitist and tired to certain
conditions in Western society, It Signifies a potentially processes occurring behind the back of
established powers and excepted interpretations and thus offers a better conceptual
approach decolonization of which is undoubtably an important element
-art asks questions and creates conditions
-religious movements can and must be understood as developments in the context of
emerging popular culture
-the notion of process is important because it serves to underline the thesis that the new
culture we are examining is not just a result of deracination; it is merely a series of
breakdowns of traditional culture and it is not made up or by ill or half understood reactions to
the onslaught of westernization
-The notion of popular culture mix possible new ventures by way of bringing together forms of
expression that ordinarily kept apart as just so many disjointed reactions to westernization
-New urban culture and Shabba, the express of media as different as popular song,
charismatic religion, and popular painting can be taken as evidence for processes of
consciousness formation shared by the masses
-By focusing on the theme of the male female relationship, the programmatic notion of popular
culture maybe approached methodologically
-The gap between Town& Country has been widening as rural impoverishment seems to
proceed at a more rapid pace under the conditions of the neocolonial economy
-Perhaps we have to consider antagonistic relations between rural and urban popular culture
analogues to those that exist between elitist high culture and mass popular culture
-Whether the concept of popular culture does not lead to a denial of the political process of
class struggle in it's neo colonialist suppression
-Is one projecting into mass consciousness the kind of escapism what's the ruling state what's
the port because it provides the masses with a convenient distraction from the reality of their
powerlessness and exploitation
-Current popular music has been co-opted by a dominant political and economic interests
-culture does not simply mirror, it symbolizes and thus always has a sign function
-any living culture must be viewed as a communicative process in which a society not only
expresses but also generates and forms its worldview
-demonstrate the notion of popular culture makes possible new venture by way of bringing
together forms of expression that are ordinarily kept apart as just os many ephemeral
disjointed reactions to westernization
-paintings can be taken as evidence for underlying process of consciousness formation
shared by the masses
-cultural expressions are not evidence for how a culture works; they only show how
perceptions, experiences and problems are being worked out in an open, never ending
-all attempts at fixation of cultural objects are confounded when on considers any one of them
in the context of other media
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