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Chapter 18

DANC 100 Chapter 18: Fred Astaire

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DANC 100
Greg Lund

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Chap 18 Fred Astaire
Born May 10th Omaha, Nebraska
Died June 1987 in Los Angeles, California
Changed name
Dancer, singer, actor, presenter, chorographer
Top hat tails, and tap is what he is known for
Known for being a perfectionist
Danced with older sister Adele
Hard for him to get into movies because of one bad review
Partnered with ginger Rogers
o Split for 10 years because of hid need for perfection
Perfeted Fil dae as a ew art for
Saw no barrier between dance forms
3 Emmy awards, 3 Golden Globes, Academy Award nominee, Lifetime Achievement
Was not liked at first
Wated dae to e aptured o fil Full figure all the tie
o Glamour over plot
o Author Freed
Intergrated musical in Hollywood
Fred Astaire
Gene Kelly
Broadway comes to Hollywood
o Hollywood musicals start to fizzle
o Film adaptations of Broadway, musicals
o Jerome Robbins
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