EDPS 260 Chapter Notes - Chapter Chapter 3: Umbilical Cord, Isotretinoin, Neural Tube

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Ch 3 Notes
Prenatal Development
-The germinal period lasts about two weeks from fertilization and formation of the
zygote through implantation of the blastocyst in the uterus. the placenta and umbilical
cord begin to form
-the period of the embryo is when all body structures are laid down. the nervous
system develops fastest forming the neural tube. at the end this period the embryo
responds to touch and can move
-the period of the fetus involved increasing body size and completes physical
structures. at the end of the second trimester the brains neurons are in place. the
third trimester the fetus reaches the age of viability.
-teratogens are agents that cause damage during the prenatal period. the organism is
vulnerable during the embryonic period
-agents of teratogens: drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, radiation, pollution, diseases. the the
most widely used potent is isotretinoin which is a drug to treat severe acne
-babies born through heroine users are at a risk of low birth weight, premature,
physical defects, and breathing difficulties
-babies born through tobacco users are born under weight, they have attention
learning and behavioral issues
-alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to fatal alcohol spectrum disorder
-fetal alcohol syndrome involves slow physical growth, abnormalities, impairment, and
mental health problems
-milder forms occurs through partial fetal alcohol syndrome or alcohol related
neurodevelopmental disorder
-exposure to high levels of radiation, mercury, PCBs, lead, an dioxins lead to brain
damage and malformations
-rubella causes abnormalities, babies with prenatal transmitted HIV develop AIDS
which can lead to early death, brain damage
-Rh factor incompatibility: an Rh positive fetus developing with an Rh negative mother
can lead to oxygen deprivation, brain and heart damage, and death
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016
-preeclampsia can arise in early pregnancy when health problems are issues for the
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