BIO 1306 Chapter Notes - Chapter 26: Carl Linnaeus, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Branch Point

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28 Mar 2017

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Ch 26: phylogeny and the tree of life. Analogy- similarity between two species that is due to convergent evolution rather than to descent from a common ancestor with the same trait. Basal taxon- in a specified group of organisms, a taxon whose evolutionary lineage diverges early in the history of a group. Binomial- a common term for the two-part, latinized format for naming species, consisting of the genus and specific epithet; also called a binomen. Clade- a group of species that includes an ancestral species and all its descendants; equivalent to a monophyletic group. Cladistics- an approach to systematics in which organisms are placed into groups called clades based primarily on common descent. Class- in linnaean classifications, the taxonomic category above the level of order. Domain- a taxonomic category above the kingdom level; there are three of them: Family- in linnaean classification, the taxonomic category above genus.