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Chapter 3

MIS 3305 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Sales Process Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management

Management Information Systems
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MIS 3305

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Chapter 3
Business Process Reengineering the analysis and
redesign of workflow within and between
Business-facing processes are invisible to the
external customer but essential to the effective
management of the business.
Workflow includes the tasks, activities, and
responsibilities required to execute each step in a
business process.
Business Process a standardized set of activities
that accomplish a specific task
Four Primary Strategic Initiatives for Competitive
Advantages: Customer Relationship Management,
Supply Chain Management, Business Process
Reengineering, Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer-facing processes result in a product or
service received by an organization’s external
Three opportunities managers can identify when
focusing on reengineering: Is the process broken?
Will savings from automation be clearly visible? Is
it crucial for productivity improvement?
Customer-facing Processes: order processing,
customer service, sales process, customer billing,
order shipping
Industry-specific facing processes: banking loan
processing, insurance claims processing,
government grant allocation, hotel reservation
handling, airline baggage handling
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