India government and history

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Political Science
Chrystal Chang

 Why study this case?  2 ndmost populous country  It is the largest democracy in the world w/ the largest amount of enfranchised voters  Most of the population is poor and illiterate  It’s intriguing how such a (religiously, caste, language, history) divided country can have a democracy  The caste segregates India socially economically and culturally  There is inequality of income and opportunity  It’ll soon be the world’s largest country rd  It is one of the world’s largest economies (3 )  Its democracy has survived despite high levels of poverty, illiteracy, and ethnic and religious fragmentation  Poor people are more than 3 times likely to vote.  Demograpnd and Geography  2 most populous surpassed only by China  Can be divided into 3 triangles  Himalayas form a sort of shield from the rest of East Asia  Dependent on monsoons for growing crops  Racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse population  Historical developmdent of the state:  Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam o Hinduism worships all forms of life (death, life, marriage, birth) o Buddhism brought unison of a state b/c of its ideals o Islam introduced and it was not as peaceful  British Colonialism o It all began because of the spice trade o Infrastructure brought unification o o  The Independence Movement o o o o  Independence  Basic facts of India:  It is slightly more than 1/3 of the United States  1.2+ Billion people. Likely to overtake china in 2035  Hindu 81%, Muslim 14%, Christian 2%, Other 1%  Most are Indo-Aryan with 72%  Languages: there is 325 distinct languages with 1,500 dialects.  There are 22 languages recognized  A brief history:  8 -13 thcentury: Gradual invasion of Pakistan and India by Muslim rulers from Persia  1526-1857: Establishment of
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