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Chapter 6,7,5

SMG OM 323 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6,7,5: Job Rotation, Job Enrichment, Microsoft Powerpoint

Operations & Technology Management
Course Code
SMG OM 323
Justin Ren

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· Process layouts are designed to process items or provide series that involve a variety
of processing requirements
· “Layout” is arranging your process flow in a facility
· Process types
o Job shop operates on a relatively small scale. Used when a low volume of high
variety goods or service are needed.
§ Processing is intermittent
§ high flexibility with general-purpose equipment and skilled workers
· veterinarian
· tool and die shop
o Batch used when a moderate volume of goods and services are desired and can
handle a moderate variety in products or services.
§ Processing is still intermittent
§ Skill level of workers don’t need to be high as a job shop
· Bakeries: bread,
· Movie theaters
· Airlines
o Repetitive/assembly when higher volumes of more standardized goods or services
are needed, repetitive processing is used.
§ Standardized output means only slight flexibility of equipment
§ Skill level of workers generally low
· Production lines and assembly lines
o Continuous very high volume of nondiscrete, highly standardizes output is desired
§ Almost no variety in output, no need for equipment flexibility
§ Skills requirement range from high to low, depending on complexity of system.
§ If equipment is high specialized, then skill level is low
· Petroleum products, sugar, flour, steel, salt
o Project used for work that is nonroutine, with a unique set of objectives to be
accomplished in a limited time frame.
§ Putting on a play, making a motion picture, launching a new product or service,
publishing a book4
· Product layout: advantages and disadvantages: Look at OM10 PowerPoint
Job Design
· Job design involves specifying the content and methods of jobs.
o What will be done (the tasks)
o Who will do what (division of labor)
o How the job will be done (methods and motions)
o Where the job will be done (layout)
· Current practice in job design contains elements of two basic schools of though
o Efficiency school emphasizes a systematic, logical approach to job design,
o Behavioral school emphasizes satisfaction of wants and needs
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