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Chapter 2

ASL 101 Chapter 2: Signing Naturally Unit 2 (1)

American Sign Language
Course Code
ASL 101
Stacey Horman

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Signing Naturally Unit 2
Read pages 48-51 and answer the following questions.
1. What are the 3 non-manual markers used to ask a yes/no question?
Raise eyebrows throughout the question
Lean head forward with last sign
Hold the last sign until your listener starts to answer
2. What is comparable in ASL to speaking with a monotone voice?
To answer without non manual markers
3. What is active listening?
Responding to the signer with gentle nods, brief signs, and facial expressions
4. Why is it important?
Shows you understand and are interested.
5. Give 5 examples of topics that may be discussed when meeting and connecting with a Deaf person?
First and last name
If you’re deaf or hearig
Where you are learning ASL
Whether or not your teacher s deaf
Name of your teacher
Watch videos for page 53 and do MINIDIALOGUES
MD 1
1. Do Norman and Priscilla attend the same college?(1 point)
2. What language(s) are they both learning? Who are their teacher(s)? (3 points)
ASL, the teachers names are Flo and Krew
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find more resources at oneclass.com

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1. Who are Stefanie and Iva talking about?(3 points)
2 girls named Robin
2. What do the people they are discussing have in common?(1 point)
They are both deaf
3. In what ways are they different? (2 points)
Oe’s a A“L teaher ad oe’s a “paish studet
Read Insight on page 54 and answer the following questions.
1. What is a dominant hand?
The hand you write with is the hand you sign with
2. What is a non dominant hand?
The had you do’t rite ith
3. Ho does oe sig a one-haded sig?
With their dominant hand
4. Ho does oe sig a to-haded syetrial sig?
Use both hands
5. Ho does oe sig a to-handed non-syetrial sig?
Dominant hand does the moving
Read Gallaudet University on pages 56-59 and answer the following questions.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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