RECR 250 Chapter 13: CH 13 Gaming

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Chico State University
Recreation and Parks Management
RECR 250
Morgan Geddie

5/1/17 CH 13: Gaming - What is gaming entertainment? o 5 types legal gambling in US: ▪ 1. Charitable gaming ▪ 2. Commercial casinos • Lrgst ▪ 3. Lotteries ▪ 4. NA gambling • Fastest growing sector ▪ 5. Pari-mutuel gambling o Gaming industry inc.: ▪ 445 casinos in 11 states • Land-based & riverboat casinos • Card rooms • Lottery op. games • Charitable games • Dog/horse racing - Gaming Terms o Handle: total amount of all bets o Win: net amount of spending by cust. ▪ What casino keeps o Gambling: playing game for risk/thrill of action o Social gamblers: cust. who play game of risk as form of entertainment/social activity, combining gambling w/oth. activities during visit - Gaming Entertainment Elements o Gaming ▪ Refers to casino gaming bus. & all its aspects inc.: • Casino floor (gambling) • High qual. F&B • Hotel rooms • Live perf. • Land-based/riverboats - Profile of the Gaming Guest o Over 1/3 US households have visited a casino in past 12 months o 85% of US adults say casino entertainment = acceptable for themselves/oth. o Typical LV cust. = younger & willing to spend more $ - Historical Review of Gaming o Exact origin = unknown st ▪ 1 official record of gaming dates back to 2300 BC in China o Ancient Romans were gamblers o 1 public gaming house legalized in 1626 in Venice Italy o Modern gaming entertainment bus. has roots in LV ▪ 1940-1976, LV held monopoly on gaming ▪ Bugsy Siegel played maj. role in devel. of casino cult. in LV o 1976, only 2 jurisdictions allowed gambling: ▪ NV ▪ Atlantic City, NJ o Today, gambling legal in 48 states ▪ Hawaii/Utah prohibit gambling - Native Amer. Gaming o 1987 Supreme Ct. decision determ. that if state has gaming, so can Native Amer. o 1988, Congress passed Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) ▪ Classes of gaming: • Class 1 social games played solely for prizes of min. value/trad. forms of NA gaming • Class 2 bingo, games sim. to bingo, card games explicitly auth. by laws of state • Class 3 all forms of gaming neither class 1/2 (most casino games) o Must be located in state that permits gaming for an
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