RECR 470 Chapter 3: Ch 3 Org. for Convention Sales

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Ch 3: Organizing for Convention Sales
- Sales Structures
- Intro
o 50% lodgig idustry’s total reipiets deried fro tgs kt., prie tgt. for resorts
- Sales Structures
o Trends:
1. Acquisitions, mergers, consolidations occ. in lodging industry @ record pace
as companies realize value of acquiring mult. brands/cost savings from
combining dptmnts.
Chais assig sigle salesperso to rep. e. rad i hotel opay’s
portfolio to client
2. Mktng functions have been incorp. into sales
Revenue mgmnt prop. eal. group’s spedig patters/potetial for
rev. property-wide before booking them
o Small properties
All hotels should have sales dptmnt
Smaller hotels may combine sales op. under anoth. dptmnt
o Large properties
Specialized sales staff/op. out of separate sales office
Task segments are broken down/assigned to diff. ppl
- The Sales Office
o 1st contact client has w/prop.
Inc. sales philosophy/phys. office layout conducive to gen. sales
o Function of Sales Office
Highly organized
Pro., knowledgeable, sales-oriented
GM director of sales/mktng
o Physical Layout of Sales Office
Location/appearance = imp.
Ideally should locate sales office adjacent to banquet facilities
Should be tasteful/pro. & have brochures/photos of amenities
- How the Sales Office Interfaces w/Oth. Dptmnts
o Sales dptmnt used to be sep. entity respons. only for filling guestrooms/function space
o Now sales dptmnt works w/oth. dptmnts:
Convention services
Ess. for repeat bookings
Convention service manager = on-the-scene contact between
convention organizer/hotel
o Must be prepared to cope w/unexpected
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