CHEM 140 Chapter 7: Chem 140- Ch 7

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Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHEM 140
P Pierce

Chapter 7 Chemical Quantities and Reactions Heading: Notes: The Mole ● Avogadro’s number= 2.06 x 10^23 ● Can use to convert to molecules//particles/formula units Molar Mass and Calculations ● Molar mass is the quantity in grams that equals atomic mass of an element ● MM used to convert moles to grams or grams to moles ● To calculate molar mass for a compound, we multiply molar mass of each element by its subscript in the formula and add the results ● Multiply each molar mass by the number of moles or the subscript in the formula ● Add the masses together to get the molar mass ● Conversion factors for a compound are also written from the molar mass Equations for Chemical Reactions ● A chemical change occurs when a substance is converted into one or more new substances ● New properties indicate that a chemical reaction has occurred ● Chemical reaction tells us materials we need and the products that will form ● In a chemical equation, reactants are written on the left and products are written on the left ● (aq) means dissolved in water, triangle indicates heat ● Atoms are not gained, lost or changed during chemical reactions ● Balance chemical equations with equal numbers of atoms on both sides ● Law of conservation of matter= matter cannot be created or destroyed during chemical reactions ● Chemical reaction that occurs in the flame of a gas burner is the reaction of methane gas and oxygen to produce CO2 and h20 Types of Reactions ● Combination reaction: two or more elements or compounds bond to form one product ● Decomposition reaction: one reactant breaks into two or more products ● Single replacement reaction: one reacting element switches places with an element in the other reacting compound a+bc=ac+b ● In a double replacement r
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