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International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Terrorism and Globalization Kiras Ch. 22 11/20/2012 7:24:00 AM Definitions  Terrorism o Characterized by use of violence to bring about political change for the purposes of obtaining power in order to right a perceived wrong o The use of violence by sub state groups to inspire fear, by attacking civilians and/or symbolic targets, for purposes such as drawing widespread attention to a grievance, provoking a severe response, or wearing down their opponent’s moral resolve, to effect political change.  To what extent has globalization contributed to modern terrorism? o Technologies associated with globalization are used by terrorist groups Terrorism: from transnational to global phenomenon (1968-2001)  Factors leading to birth of transnational terrorism: o Expansion of commercial air travel o Availability of televised news coverage o Broad political and ideological interests among extremists that intersected around a common cause.  During the 1980s: o Fewer attacks were more deadly and indiscriminate o Increased sophistication of attacks o Greater willingness to perform suicide attacks Terrorism: The impact of globalization  Al-Qaeda o After 9/11, al-Qaeda was seen as center of a global nexus of terrorism connected to all terrorist groups o Today, al-Qaeda is seen more as a global movement that markets and exploits its own form of militant Islam in a loose network of franchised cells and groups  Cultural Explanations o In underdeveloped countries, violence is the only method to preserve traditions and values against a cultural tsunami of Western products and materialism o The social changes associated with globalization and the spread of free market capitalism appear to overwhelm the identity or values of groups who perceive themselves as the losers in the new int'l system  They try to preserve their identity by distinguishing themselves from despised others o Samuel Huntington  Military presence by strong nations in weak nations is humiliating to weak nations, so conflict is inevitable  Economic Explanations o Economic globalization is seen as Western imperialism by weak nations o Wealth is a link to personal security and violence o Increased globalization raises expectations of standards of living. When those expectations are not met, individuals
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