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Chapter 6

SPA 116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Proverb, Future Perfect, Conditional Perfect

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SPA 116
Angela Bailey

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SPA 116:
Capítulo 6:
o Parte 1: El ámbito personal
o Vocabulario
Sustantivos (Nouns)
La autoestima self-esteem
El cinismo cynicism
La empatía empathy
El fracaso failure
La meta goal
El refrán saying, proverb
Verbos (Verbs)
Animar to encourage
Cometer un error to make a mistake
Desarrolar to develop
Recuperar(se) to recover, to retrieve
Sobresalir to stand out, excel
Trasnochar to pull an all-nighter, to stay up all night
Adjetivos (Adjectives)
Enriquecedor/a enriching
Principiante beginner
Sobresaliente outstanding/brilliant
o Para refrescar la memoria
Actual current, present (-day)
Alguna vez ever, at some time
Avanzado/a advanced
Desafiante challenging
El éxito success
El intercambio exchange
Intermedio/a intermediate
o Parte 2: En Contexto
o There are a few textbook activities (directions and problems written in Spanish),
that had to deal with:
The ourses youre takig this seester, leel of diffiulty, ad uer of
Academic preferences (you vs. your roommate(s)
What lasses youe take i ollege
Ask your partner questions and write down their answers
o Parte 3: Gramática
o Participios pasados con ser (la voz pasiva) y estar (una condición resultante)
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