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Chapter 11

ART 1107 Chapter 11: ART Chapter 11

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ART 1107
Christopher Lee Hall

ART Chapter 11 Bill Viola  The Passions Facial expressions show sorrow, ecstasy, or astonishment Interested in inner lives References Renaissance and Baroque paintings Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Monkey Cindy Sherman Suggests that we have no built-in sense of identity, but rather we compose ourselves from pieces of popular culture. Reenacts roles for women given by the media: Housewife Sweetheart next door Girl left behind Vulnerable hitchhiker Mariko Mori – photographs and performances starring herself in various roles Star Doll Polykleitos Doryphoros  deep appreciateion of the human body Figure is idealized: In the balanced pose In the internal proportions In the restrained emotions In the roles depicted: youth, athlete, and warrior Contrapposto This stance is the way many people stand, the sculpture re-creates an image of a living, flexing body. One side of the body is relaxed as the weight of the body is d
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