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Chapter 5

ART 1107 Chapter 5: ART Chapter 5

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Kennesaw State University
ART 1107
Christopher Lee Hall

ART Chapter 5 Hall of Bulls – Sympathetic Magic used for ritual purposes Paleolithic Neolithic New Stone Age Australia  Stone Age Culture Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayl, Witchetty Grub Dreaming Topographical map showing sources of food and water Sue Coe, There Is No Escape Harsh indictment of the contemporary meat industry Saltcellar Bulk of salt came from Timbuktu Salt is used to preserve food Salt is essential and at time, has been a form of wealth European nobility used elaborate salt cellars as a status symbol Designed by Portuguese artist, then executed by African Artist Andy Warhol would design wood sculptures that were made to look like cardboard boxes Vanitas: you can’t take anything with you when you die Mu-Qui’s, Six Persimmons, reflects the importance of meditation and simplicity of life. Spontaneity and Simplicity. Reflects inner spiritual beauty Silver Representation, reflects: Religious Political Agricultural Traditions Halibut Feast Dish Potlach – example of a ritual meal Formal mechanism for establishing social order Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party Dogon Cliff Dwellings with Granaries Rhythm: good rhythm of shapes Color: good unity of colors First emperor of China burned all of the history before him so the history of China begins w
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