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Chapter 2

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Louisiana State University
ASTR 1101

Chapter 2Celestial Motions Movement of the Stars and Our Sun where things are and how they moveWe have a solar calendar some cultures have lunar calendars and some have both But all is based on positions Constellation a picture in the sky naked eye astronomy Our modern constellations are based on mostly European mythologyBased on what you can see with the naked eye Only 88 constellations any object found in a constellation is part of it At any given time you can only see 3000 stars 6000 can be observed with eyeOrion chases Taurus Celestial sphereSurrounds the earth rotates around itEverything on it Sun moon planets extNorth and south extend out into celestial sphere n creates the celestial northsouth poles on which it rotates onHas a celestial equator How far Northsouth is declination measured in degrees Same degrees North pole is 90 south is 90Right ascention tell you how far eastwest of the vernal equinox in hours minutes an
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