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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2051

In library on first floor at reserve deskMICROBIOLOGY An Evolving Science call number is RX52 Circulates 2hrs BUILDING USE ONLYChapter 2 Observing the Microbial CellSIZE OF PROKARYOTESProkaryotes are generally smaller than eukaryotesSmall size allows nutrients to reach all parts of cell quicklyProkaryotic cells can be as small as 02mThe smallest eukaryotic cells are 2m Cocci sphere shaped bacteria typically have diameter of 2 mSome microbiologists have proposed that bacteria smaller than 02 m exist in nature cells referred to as nanobacteriaIf one considers the space needed to house all essential molecules of life it is unlikely they could exist within a volume available in a cell less than 01 mProkaryotic cells can have a wide variety of cellular morphologies shape which are often helpful in identificationBacterial Shapes1Simplest shape is sphereosingular coccusoplural cocci
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