Chapter 1 Objectives

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 1 An Overview of Evolutionary Biology11A Brief Introduction to Evolution and Natural SelectionDefine selective breeding and artificial selectionoSelective breeding choosing traits that we deem beneficial and breeding those traits oArtificial selectionthe organism which best exemplifies the traits we are looking for is used as parents for the next generationDescribe the process of artificial selectionoObtain an organism with the traits we want and use that organism as the parent for the next generation Continue to repeat this process for years always choosing the organism in the generation with the most beneficial traitsDescribe the process of natural selection in the acquisition of resistance due to human influence in various organismsoWhen antibiotics are used on bacteria the sensitive strains are killed or halted in growth while the resistant bacteria remain to reproduce more resistant bacteriaExplain how the acquisition of resistance is different from artificial selectionoResistance occurs by an organisms traits giving them a fitness advantage over other organisms in the speciesoArtificial selection occurs by humans choosing which traits they want to express more frequently These traits do not give a fitness advantage over other organisms in the speciesExplain how tree thinking can help in making decisions regarding species conservationoUsing trees can help one see how bad remo
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