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ENGL 2593 01 Paper 6

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ENGL 2593

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Gomez 1
Joy Gomez
Dr. Emily Toth
ENGL 2593.01
March 4, 2012
R. Titles. Do the titles fit these stories? Explain your answer. If
any title seems unsuitable can you suggest another that would be a
better lead-in description or coming attraction for the story?
The title of a story is a crucial part of the story making process.
A title is just a few words can spark the imagination or dull the
senses. The title gives the reader a brief expectation of what is to
come in the story and because of this, the author gives much thought
into picking a title. Once finishing the story, the title gives the reader
something to reflect on about why the author would pick that
particular title.
“The Dream Diet” is an accurate title that fits its story. The title
is fitting because the story is about the “Diet-of-the-Month Club”
where a member named Penny finds an unknown diet where the
participants eat whatever they might desire. This idea to every woman
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