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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Psyc 2040

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Chapter4AttitudesEvaluatingtheSocialWorldAttitude Functionso1 Knowledge function aid in interpretation of new information and enable rapid responding to attituderelevant informationAct as a schemaSee new information as more validconvincing when it supports schemas ignore information if it doesnt support schemaso2 Definition of social groups functionEx KKK facebooko3 Identity or self expression functiono4 Self esteem functionHold attitudes we believe are right and increases our self esteemo5 Ego defensive function protection of self from unwantedunflattering viewso6 Impression motivation functionThe AttitudeBehavior LinkoRelationships between attitudes and behavior are complicatedoLaPiere 1934 studytraveled with a young Chinese coupleNegative attitudes towards Chinesewould they get serviceVisited 251 restaurants campsites hotelsonly one refused serviceSent letters to those establishmentsasked if they would serve Chinese peopleOnly one said that they would90 said they definitely would notoProblems with this study1 not a controlled experimentdid not know if the replies to his letters were actually from the same people that served his Chinese friends2 attitudes may have changedoAllen Wickerreviewed dozens of more methodologically sound studies and found same general answerLink between attitude and behavior is relatively weakWhen do Attitudes Influence Behavioro1 Aspects of the situationWhen situational constraints are strong attitudes are not influentialLaPieres study
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