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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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SOCL 2505
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CHAPTER 2 NOTESthe History of FamilyDivorce higher in Bible BeltDivorce rates in the South have been directly tied to a study showing that 985 percent of marriages based on the premise she thinks his tractors sexyend in divorceAge Education Premarital SexThe Study of the FamilyBegan in the 1960sWomenGenderPublic family as old as civilizationWhat Do Families DoEnsure orderDefend against outsidersProvide laborAssist others in groupRecruit new membersFamily StructureHistorical changesEconomic changesPower changesSocial changesFamilies Throughout HistoryFamilies vary across societies and throughout timeEach family structure is dependent on its sociohistorical contextA Look at SocietiesHistory recognizes 5 major types of societies in different parts of the world and time periodsWhile 5 are distinguished and discussed here variations of each type have also existedHuntingGathering
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