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Chapter 2

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SOCL 3501

Sociology 3501Chapter 2 PositivismoStrain TheoryoMerton wanted to explain crime and deviance rates within the lower classoThe strain theory says how society is arranged can cause crime and devianceSuccess GoalsBlocked MeansStrain Anomie DevianceSuccess GoalsoSociety tells us what we should be trying to achieveEconomic success but not just the only goalSuccess goals are available to everyone regardless of race class genderSociety also gives us ways to achieve goals but the means arent equally dispersedBlocked MeansoThings like education and job opportunities We have access to education but it isnt as equal as we think it isThis creates a strain It comes about because of a disjuncture between goals and means That strain can lead to anomie Anomie means normalnessThis is a questioning or breakdown of the rules or when you dont think theyre working the less you are to abide by them and from this we may see devianceFive Modes of Adaptation1Conformity2Innovation3Retreatist4Ritualism5RebellionGoodsMeansConformityInnovationRetreatist
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