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EESC - Environmental Earth Science
EESC 110
P Rofessor B Ass

Environmental Science Vocabulary Living Things in the Environment & Populations organism - a living thing habitat - an environment that provides the things an organism needs to live. biotic factor - a living part of an organism’s habitat. i.e. grass, plants, seeds, fruit, worms, bacteria, other animals abiotic factor - a non-living part of an organisms habitat. i.e. water, sunlight, oxygen, temperature, soil photosynthesis - the process in which plants use water along with sunlight and carbon dioxide to make their own food. species - a group of organisms that are physically similar and can produce offspring. population - all the members of one species in a particular area. The “count” of one species in an area. ecosystem - the community of organisms that live in an area along with their non- living surroundings. ecology - the study of how living things interact with each other and their environment. population density- the number of species in a specific area limiting factor - a factor in the environment that causes the population to decrease or go down. i.e. food and water, living space, weather Interactions of Living Things & Changes in Community natural selection - a process in which organisms best suited to the environment tend to survive; survival of the “fittest.” adaptation - a change in the body or behavior of a species making it easier to survive. i.e. poisonous jellyfish, camouflage bugs, protective shell, etc.) niche - the “job” an organism in its environment. i.e. plants produce oxygen, bacteria decompose waste, hawks control mice population, etc. competition - the struggle for survival between living things for the limited resources. predator - an animal that hunts and eats other animals; i.e. lions are the predators of zebras prey - an animal that is hunted or eaten by other animals; i.e. mice are the prey of cats symbiosis - two organi
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