BIO 121 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Industrial Revolution, Environmental Science, Hunter-Gatherer

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11 Apr 2016

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Our planet is inite and limited, as technology and resources increase so does the capability of damage. Environment -> consists of all the living and nonliving things around us. Includes the complex webs of social relaionships and insituions. People are a part of nature; we are dependent; our interacions with nature mater; we modify our environment. Our acions enrich our lives but degrade the natural systems. Environmental science -> the scieniic study of how the natural world works, how our environments afect us (and vice versa). Issues that are important to our world"s future. Natural resources -> the substances and energy sources we take from our environment and that we rely on to survive. Renewable resources -> replenished over short periods of ime. Nonrenewable resources -> in inite supply and formed more slowly than we use them. Nature provides goods and service called ecosystem services -> we could not survive without them.