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Chapter 4 Social Cognitive Theory Social Cognitive Theory • Direct offshoot of Social Learning Theory • You may recall: o L’il Suzie and BOBO!?! • Triadic Reciprocal causation o Three different factors that interact to determine each other 1. Behavior 2. … 3. … Based on Four Distinctly Human Traits • Symbolizing Capacity o The ability to use symbols to transform experiences into cognitive models for the future (ex: words) • Self-Regulatory Capacity o The ability to evaluate and motivate oneself • Self-Reflective Capacity o The ability to verify thoughts to see if they are right • Vicarious Capacity o The ability to learn without direct experience Four Self-Reflective Modes • Logical mode o Verify using logical deduction • Enactive mode o Verify by assessing consistency between perception and own experience to make sure thinking is correct • Social mode o Verify based on comparison with others’ beliefs • Vicarious Mode ** o Very based on the observing the experience of others and their outcomes Observational Learning • Basic logic o A person learns by observing the actions of others and the consequences of those actions. o We learn both behavior & expected outcomes Modeling • The reenactment of observed behavior • 4 processes involved: 1. Attention 2. Retention 3. Motor reproduction 4. Motivation – driven by o Positive outcomes from direct experience o Observation of positive outcomes for others o Internal values (good versus bad) Abstract Modeling • Rules of previously learned behavior generate new beh
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