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Art - History
ARTH 1111
Timothy Orwig

ARTH 1/7▯ What is Art History?▯ ▯ Paul Revere House - oldest surviving building in downtown Boston, tells about the style and properties of buildings of the time, it has survived for an extended period of time, patriotic association, a mix of old elements and elements introduced in the recreation.  ▯ ▯ 1.1) You tell the age of a work based on what is made of or how it's made, the clothing or props within the piece, who commissioned it, produced by an artisan for a king▯ ▯ 1.2) produced by a 20th century artist to sell in a gallery, more of a commercial object.  Still a means of personal expression, but different.  Clifford Still.▯ ▯ 1.3,1.4) What is it's style? period style vs. regional style.  French Gothic (soaring heights, stained glass) vs. italian Gothic (simpler, less elegant).  Different regional styles.  ▯ ▯ 1.5) Georgia O'Keefe, abstraction of a pulpit.  ▯ ▯  Painting by Ben Shan.  ▯l, about two italian immigrants convicted of murder. ▯ 1.7) what is the subject and what iconography is used.  Are there symbols used throughout history, icons.  On the portal of a romanesque church to educate those who were illiterate.  Demons and angels weighing souls.  ▯ ▯ 1.8) what is the cultural context?  four gospel writers writing books of the bibles, key part of christian tradition.  Each has a particular identifying symbol.  Classical elements of style in their dress and writing desks, taken from roman artwork.  Cultural context can be multilayered.  ▯ ▯ 1.10) Who paid for it? Marble, a bust of augustus.  commissioned by the emperor, less art and more political.▯ ▯ 1.9) how does the artist use line.  What is the significance of new technology?  The four horsemen of the apocalypse, from the book or revelations, bringing about the end of the world.  new technologies allow for ease of reproduction and increased accessibility.▯ ▯ 1.11)  How does the artist use color?  Alberse, who produced many pairings based on color and squares in similar orientations.  Varied only color, tone, shading, and so forth.▯ ▯ 1.12) Perspective.  Two dimensional, but with the illusion of a third dimension.  New use of perspective and tricks by artists in the Renaissance.  Clause lareign. use of a vanishing point and perspective lines, giving a greater sense of
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