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International Affairs
INTL 1101
Denise Horn

Nicole Hicks Globalization and International Affairs Ch. 4 Benjamin R. Barber Jihad vs. McWorld - One of two possible outcomes for the world… either a Jihad, 100 faiths against interdependence, OR, MTV, Apple, and McDonald’s forcing everyone together in one global network, “tied together by technology, ecology, communications, and commerce” o Jihad = driven by parochial hatred o McWorld = driven by globalization of markets - Neither J/Mc offer the solution of a good way for people to govern themselves through democracy - McWorld, “the Globalization of Politics” o Everyone used to want to go back to the times when nationalism was strong, and there was only “one” world. Now we have it o Four vital parts – market, resource, info-technology, and ecological  The market imperative  Follows Marxists and Leninist ideas of imperialism – that nation-based capitalist economies would eventually push national boundaries to find the international economy o Think BBC, international banks, Greenpeace… they don’t have a national identity  Brings back the search for peace, stability o Requires an efficient international economy  (Markets don’t work well with war)  Common markets require a common language, currency, and behavior  The re
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