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Northeastern University
International Affairs
INTL 1101
Denise Horn

Ch. 41 Notes: World Culture in the World Polity John Boli and George Thomas The world has been conceptualized as a unitary social system, increasingly integrated by networks of exchange, competition, and cooperation, such that actors found it natural to view the whole world as their arena of action and discourse The polity is constituted by a distinct culture: a set of fundamental principles and models defining the nature and purposes of social actors and action. A Historical Overview of the INGO Population • Since 1850, more than 25,000 private, not-for-profit organizations with an international focus have debuted on the world stage • INGO founding correlate with a general increase during times of a positive “state of the world” and decrease during crisis World Development, INGOs, and Capitalist and Interstate Systems • Global organizing proceeds in mutually reinforcing tension with the expansion of the nation-state system • Many INGOs became IGOs and many INGOs have consultative status with agencies of the U.N. INGOs as Enactors and Carriers of World Culture Almost all INGOs originate and persist via voluntary action by individual actors • Universalism o Human nature, agency, and purpose are universal, and this universality underlies the many variations in soc
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