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Chapter 12

PSYC 3404 Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Textbook

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Northeastern University
PSYC 3404
Dawn Cisewski

April 24, 2017 Chapter 12: Late Adulthood Section 1: Physical Development - ageism: prejudice and discrimination based on age - activities of daily living (ADL): daily requirements of life for adults such as bathing, dressing, food preparation and eating, housekeeping, and paying bills - gerontologist: researcher on aging - functional age: age that indicates the actual competence and performance of older adults; may be higher or lower than chronological age - old age dependency ratio (OADR): number of people 65 and older divided by number of people age 20-64 and then multiplied by 100 - primary aging: inevitable biological aging that takes place in all living organisms - secondary aging: decline in physical functioning that takes place due to lifestyle behaviors such as unhealthy diet, insufficient exercise and substance abuse, as well as environmental influences i.e. pollution - cataracts: progressive thickening of the lens of the eye that causes vision to become cloudy, opaque, and distorted - macular degeneration: loss of clarity in the center of the visual field, due to aging of the visual system - glaucoma: loss of peripheral vision due to buildup of fluid that damages the optic nerve - tinnitus: problem in the auditory system that entails hearing a ringing or buzzing sound with no external source - sleep apnea: sleep-related respiratory disorder in which breathing stops for 10 seconds or more numerous times in a night, as the air passage to the lungs closes, resulting in a sudden loud snore as the airway opens again and the sleeper awakes - arthritis: disease of the joints that especially affects the hips, knees, n
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