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Chapter 9

PSYC 3404 Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Textbook

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PSYC 3404
Dawn Cisewski

March 27, 2017 Chapter 9: Emerging Adulthood Section 1: Physical Development - late teens to early/mid twenties - 5 distinct characteristics • the age of identity explorations, instability, self-focus, feeling in-between and possibility - peak of physical functioning • VO2 max: ability of the body to take in O2 and transport it to various organs, also called maximum oxygen uptake • cardiac output: quantity of blood flow from the heart - morningness: preference for going to bed early and waking up early - eveningness: preference for going to bed late and waking up late - social control: restraints on behavior imposed by social obligations and relationships - graduated driver licensing: government program in which young people obtain driving privileges gradually, contingent on a safe driving record, rather than all at once - binge drinking: consuming 5+ drinks in a row for men, 4+ for women - unstructured socializing: socializing with friends without any specific goal or activity, includes behavior such as riding around in a car for fun, going to parties, visiting friends informally, and going out with friends Section 2: Cognitive Development - postformal thinking: according to some theorists, the stage of cognitive development that follows formal operations and includes advances in pragmatism and reflective judgement - pragmatism: theory proposing that post formal thinking involves adapting logical thinking to the practical constraints of real-life situations - dialectical thought: according to Basseches, a kind of thinking in emerging adulthood that involves a growin
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